3 Nights in Beautiful San Diego

When I look back on my trip to San Diego, I instantly think of pretty beaches, sunny weather, and interesting conversations with strangers (mostly Uber drivers) that I met along the way.

Seriously, what’s a good trip without meeting new people, right? And might I add, San Diego is home to the friendliest Uber drivers that I have ever met? If you don’t usually make small talk with strangers, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to do in San Diego.

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Grounds for Sculpture (Hamilton Township, NJ)


There’s Six Flags. There’s Atlantic City. And then, there’s the Grounds for Sculpture. It’s a charming—dare I say enchanting—museum that reminds me of how I often take my stomping “grounds” (ba-dum-tsss) for granted. It made me think, “Could New Jersey be more than just its close proximity to New York City?” “Could I actually live here forever?” The world may never know…

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